Hotel Cappuccino

155, Bongeunsa-Ro ,155, Bongeunsa-Ro ,Gangnam-Gu, Seoul,Seoul,06122,South Korea
Region: Seoul


1. General:  The Cappuchino Hotel is an urban lifestyle destination where every day brings new surprises and inspiration. Located in Gangnam, the dynamic southern heart of Seoul. And the Hotel Cappuccino is the perfect home from home for international travelers and Seoulites seeking a new, yet friendly, fun, yet cause-driven hotel.

2. SurroundingArea:  The hotel is located in the center of Gangnam business district of Seoul. From Incheon Airport take the 6703 limousine bus Or take AREX from Incheon airport station and transfer at Gimpo airport station (Line 9) and get off at Unjoo station (exit 1), where is just around 250meters from the hotel.

3. PropertyInformation:  This is a modern building.

4. DiningFacilities:  There are one reataurant on 17FL (call "Hot Eatsue"). Choose from a wide selection of mouthwatering Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai comfort foods, along with a pleasing range of Korean dishes. And there are Caffe Cappuccino at first Fl. The Caffe Cappuccino is passionate about offering guests new and exciting tastes, by collaborating with some of Korea?s most renowned food and drink brands. Also they have Rooftop Bar- the first Gintoneria in Seoul - offers one of the most comprehensive selections of gins, from the classic Bombay Sapphire to premium gins, as well as stunning night views of the city outside.

5. Short:  This accommodation has a medium lobby.

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