Rafael Hotel Riga

Aleksandra Caka Street 87 ,Aleksandra Caka Street 87 ,Riga,1011,Latvia
Region: Riga


1. General:  Rafael Hotel Riga is a refreshing and cozy place for tired travelers. The hotel's cozy space allows to relax from the long and tiring road and gain strength for new trips and adventures.

2. SurroundingArea:  The hotel is located near the center of the active Caka street - 15 minute walk from the old town and the Freedom Monument, a 10 - 15 minute walk from the train and bus station, a 25-minute drive from Riga Airport and only 15 minutes drive from the city port. Directly across the street is located one of the largest and most beautiful parks of Riga - Ziedo?d?rzs, which is like a green island in the center of the city. Ziedo?d?rzs is 6.37 hectares large landscape and regular style park with lawns, alleys, shorn hedges, fountains, playgrounds and street basketball areas.

3. RoomTypes:  Economy rooms are small but comfortable

4. PropertyInformation:  This is a modern building.

5. DiningFacilities:  The hotel has a breakfast room

6. Short:  This accommodation has a very small lobby.

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